Msp432p401r launchpad schematic

As an optimized wireless host MCU, the MSPPx allows developers to add high-precision analog and memory extension to applications based on SimpleLink wireless connectivity solutions.

MSPPx devices are supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, software, documentation, training, and support to get your development started quickly.

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Your LaunchPad was programmed at the factory with demo functionality built in. If the device has never been used and just came out of the box, the user can skip to the next task. Additionally, the GUI can be downloaded to be run locally as a standalone executable Windows only at the moment.

Within the GUI, press the "Connect" button. This will allow the browser to gain access to your serial COM port. Once connected, you should be presented with a drop down menu to select the appropriate COM port. Or click and drag your curson within the color wheel! A text box is also available for you to change the number of "LED beats per minute. All LaunchPad kits adhere to the BoosterPack pinout standard documented here. Flashing the Out of Box firmware Task 3.This is done by clicking the "Download and Install" icon.

Select it and click on the "Download and Install" icon to create a local copy of all the SDK material used in these labs. Click the button "Make Available Offline" that appears when you hover over the Desktop install icon, and click "Yes" to confirm the popup. The following documents are recommended both as an introduction and as reference as you work through the labs.

Current consumption will be measured using the on-board EnergyTrace technology. The solution files are useful if you are unsure where to paste any code fragments into their respective source files.

As this lab continues, there will be more considerations that will need to be made with regards to hardware in order to ensure that only the device itself is being powered when measurements are being taken. These considerations will help achieve the lowest power numbers possible. There is no real action in this task. The purpose of this task is simply to understand the example as it stands, so that we can make edits to it later in this lab.

This code will be utilized and added to the project later on in this lab.

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There are some specific SimpleLink MSP DriverLib calls that specifically terminate the GPIO, putting them into the lowest power configuration as well as an explicit instruction to turn off the Power Supply System PSS high-side supervisors, in order for the device to consume lower power during deep sleep. The following code is already lccated in the example. Power is traditionally measured by amplifying the signal of interest and measuring the current consumption and voltage drop over a shunt resistor at discrete times.

EnergyTrace technology implements a new method for measuring power. In debuggers that support EnergyTrace technology, a software controlled DC-DC converter generates the target power supply 1. The time density of the DC-DC converter charge pulses equals the energy consumption of the target microcontroller. A built-in calibration circuit in the debug tool defines the energy equivalent for a single charge pulse.

The width of each charge pulse remains constant. The debug tool counts every charge pulse and the sum of the charge pulses are used in combination with the time elapsed to calculate an average current. Since this measurement technique continually samples the energy supplied to the microcontroller, even the shortest device activity that consumes energy contributes to the overall recorded energy.

This is a clear benefit over shunt-based measurement systems, which cannot detect extremely short durations of energy consumption.

For the purposes of this lab, we will only be using EnergyTrace, which only measures the current consumption of our MSP In order to setup EnergyTrace appropriately in Code Composer Studio, we should first navigate to the following:.

It's suggested to refer to the powerdeepsleep example's Board. These files give a little more background into the function of the example. To measure the current consumption over a 10 second period, just click the green arrow in the window. After taking a 10 second measurement of the current consumption while asleep, we should see a result similar to the following image. This is easily explained by a few points. In order to optimize our current consumption, to ensure we are simply just measuring the current consumed by the MSP alone, we must first make a few changes.

In order for our device to go to a lower power mode, we must still click the S1 button on the LaunchPad because we have restarted our device after we power cycled it.These pins make it easy to plug in pin and pin BoosterPacks that add additional functionality like wireless, capacitive touch and more. Create and deploy an Eddystone compatible sensor beacon to implement a vast array of Physical Web, proximity and context-aware applications! Robot motions are controlled using android app which can provide motion control over the internet.

msp432p401r launchpad schematic

Code, Presentation, and a Walkthrough on the basics of what Binary is and how we implemented it to the T. Processing language is hard. Welcome to the cloud. A portable socket board is designed that can be controlled through internet. It provides portable automation solution of devices with ease. This is a driver with user-friendly functions that provides interface between the Pixy2 and the MSPPR microcontroller. In this project, we designed a rocket payload that measures altitude using the barometric pressure and temperature of the air.

A joystick controlled pen capable of simple drawings with a MSP at its base. Final project for Applications of Embedded Systems. Automatic Street light system is designed which gets turned on under bad lighting conditions thereby providing energy saving. The Micromouse Autonomous Vehicle Kit is an all-in-one robotics set designed for the Micromouse competition and as a beginner learning kit. Texas Instruments Projects powered by. Log in Sign up Add project.

Add to toolbox See Projects. Add a project. LEDs are programmed to display how bright a room is through the use of a photo resistor.

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Trey German and Ali Soomar. Mark up the world with Sensor Beacons. Chris Roberts and Adrian Fernandez. Internet Controlled Robot. A couple demo circuits to get comfortable with breadboarding and programming. Controlling Hardware with your Voice: Language Processing.

IoT-Based Socket Board. This project merges the electrical control board and chassis of an RC car into one! Zachary Holloway. Rocket Payload. Joy Pen. Nathan Elsen and MaxPettit. Automatic Street Light. Wi-Fi Game Projects. Micromouse Autonomous Vehicle Kit.

TI is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company. All rights reserved.The MSP Launchpad is one of the smallest and cheapest development boards. Developers and engineers can use it to design an application with the interface of external modules.

It is suitable for operating and controlling the low powered devices which require high performance with bits. The board contains multiple kinds of debugging and programming pins. The board size can be minimized if it is required. MSP Launchpad comes with almost 84 pins and with some debug pins, they are also divided into 5 headers. All these pins support multiple kinds of communication protocols and modules. These modules come within GPIO pins which are discussed below. The pinout diagram of MSP Launchpad is shown here:.

Digital output and input is the requirement of every circuit. The low pulse will be able to change the state of the digital pin for input. The board offers some modern serial communication pins, which can communicate with multiple devices and sensors. All these communications protocols and their pins are given below:.

Serial UART communication is one of the most used serial communication nowadays because of its efficiency. UART communication uses only two wires for communication and the rest of the communications depend on the programming.

MSP432 Microcontroller LaunchPad Development Kit

All these are connected and only one communication can use for UART communication. It will depend on the developer in which pins are chosen. SPI communication is also known as three-wire communication. It is used to send the data from the board to the external module. The second pin is MISO knows as Master in slave out, which is used to send the data from external modules to the board.

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msp432p401r launchpad schematic

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Installing and using CCS v10 with the MSP432 Launchpad

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msp432p401r launchpad schematic

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Texas Instruments MSP-EXP432P401R Manuals

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